"President Uhuru is Cool and Tolerant Gentleman, Please Respect him" Ndegwa Njiru Orders DP Ruto

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In his official tweeter account, the controversial constitutional lawyer Ndegwa Njiru has sparked a mixed reactions online after claiming that DP William Ruto has failed completely to respect his boss president Uhuru Kenyatta. While responding to claims from David Murathe lawyer Ndegwa Njiru wonder how does DP William Ruto takes president Uhuru KenyattaAccording to the flamboyant lawyer, the lever of disrespect from the second in command is too high. He goes ahead to allege that president Uhuru Kenyatta must be a very cool and tolerant person. His remarks comes shortly after DP William Ruto reacted to president Uhuru Kenyatta's attacks on his manifestos claiming that some of what he was planning was what he was unable while still in the same government.

However, all those allied to DP William Ruto have not been taking lawyer Ndegwa Njiru serious as they have been terming him as a project of the deep state with their main objective of ruining DP William Ruto. His call to respect president Uhuru Kenyatta is likely to elicit a mixed reaction as many feels that respect is a two way traffic.

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