Should Schools Return To Normal? (Opinion)

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Many schools are operating on a rotational basis which means that students attend school every second day. They have groups of children and they attend on different days.

The rotation method of schooling was introduced as a result of Covid. To maintain social distancing and to avoid crowded classrooms, this method of schooling was introduced.

We are two years into the pandemic and some schools have gone back to normal and some schools are maintaining this rotational schooling.

The question is enough being done to ensure that children will be able to cope with the workload?

Children have missed out on a lot of work and classroom time and they are very far behind.

Should schools go back to normal? Will it be too dangerous to have too many students in school together?

If the country is not ready to go back to a normal school week where children attend everyday then there should atleast be some plans in place to help children cope with the increased workload and to catch up on lost school work.

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