N/R: An Articolator Track Loaded With Logs Fell At Jinjinabani, Nanumba North Municipal.


An articulator track loaded with logs fell at the Jinjinabani community in the Nanumba North Municipal, Bimbilla in the Northern region yesterday 4th June 2021.

The articulator track was transporting logs that were cut by chain operators to Nakpache in the Yendi municipal in the Northern region.

After it was loaded with the logs and was coming out of the bush to the community, it fell when it was turning a curve at the E/P primary school.

According to the eyewitness, the articulate track was overloaded and that has subsequently made it fall at the curve.

Others however said that the loading boys did not pack the logs well in the track because it was packed at one side more than the other and that has caused the track to balance.

But fortunately on their part, the driver including the other two persons in it were not hurt.

This happens yesterday at Jinjinabani in Nanumba North municipal in the northern region around 3:00 pm.

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