Photos: Vendors Forced To Sleep Next To Their Merchandise Over Stricter 42-day Lockdown In Uganda


Ugandan Government is now fighting the second wave of Covid-19 disease that has struck the country since early June. As a result, the Ugandan Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Museveni's Government instilled a stricter 42-days lockdown to help contain the killer Covid-19 disease.

Movement of people and vehicle's has since then been restricted with only essential services being the only one's allowed to operate. From the photos taken by Daily Monitor on 30th June, 2021, it shows the street vendor's sleeping under the mosquito nets next to their Merchandise at Nakasero Market in Kampala, Uganda. This is due to Museveni's condition of either going home for lockdown or remaining in their businesses. The Government has however supported them by distributing mosquito nets, drinking water and soaps to about 600 vendor's who have cramped themselves in the market place.

This show's how the imposed lockdown has greatly affected many people who struggle day and night to feed for themselves and their families.

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