Mini Cheps Appreciated his Followers on Facebook With an Amazing Image on her Social Media Page


Mini Cheps a lady who is trending online and his amazing images going viral on social media ,her real name being Catherine Jepkemboi has just come out to thank his followers on the Facebook page for turning out to support her.

The mother of two ,who just finished her education on primary school ,looks to be well talented ,and got amazing skills on his images in relation to her funny and amazing looking photos .

In his statement ,on the social media page , Facebook he had been followed by most of the Kenyans due to his skills ,making him to thank them by reaching 100 k followers.

She wrote ," over 100k fb likes and Followers, i just had to make you guys some donuts to show how much i love and appreciate you all".

In the image which she Posted to appreciate her followers ,she is seen being inside of one of the donuts which looks to be very funny but also it's amazing ,showing high level of creativity on him.