6 Things You Should Never Do To Please a Woman you love.

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There are certain things you should never do in the name of satisfying a lady, no matter how much you love her. You have the responsibility as a guy to make your girlfriend happy, but there should be boundaries. As a male, you have an ego to protect, and you should not allow a woman to wreck it or take advantage of you just because you love her. 

What you should never do to please your lover is determined by what each person wants out of the relationship. And what the individual is willing to put up with in order to get what they want. According to so-called experts, there are some things that men should never do in order to delight their partners. As well as apparently never-doing guidelines for women. 

Here are five things you should never do in order to please a woman: 

1. I believe that a man should never compromise his moral convictions in order to please his woman. In order to be true to someone else, you must first be true to yourself. You can't truly stand for anything if you sacrifice your own values. To be able to defend your spouse when they are in need, you must first know how to defend yourself. 

2. Never act as if you're a mindless puppet just to please your partner. Even if you're in a subservient relationship. We require a certain amount of tension in order to elicit passion. If the relationship is dominant or submissive, the dominant partner should be required to work for their position of leadership. Insubordinate behavior from the submissive, on the other hand, should be presented in a lighthearted and loving manner. 

3. Ignoring how they make you feel in specific situations in order to avoid an argument. Always be truthful. They don't have the right to say they didn't hurt your feelings if you tell them they did. 

4. Acting as if you share the same interests. 

You may admire their interests and talents, but pretending to enjoy what they do with the same zeal is taxing. 

5. Behaving in a way that contradicts your true self 

If you are an introvert who is compelled to attend every party, meal, and outing they invite you to, you will become irritated. It may cause tension in your relationship in the long run. 

6. Disrespecting your loved ones 

Women can be cunny, especially when they know you love them unconditionally and will go to any length to keep them. Some may try to demonstrate how horrible your family members are in order to distance you from them. Your family will be the only ones who will stand by you if she ever abandons you. So, if you want to make her happy, don't remove your family ties. 

Both parties in a relationship must try to adjust and accommodate one other's wishes and requirements, but if these modifications alter your basic self, you may feel you have 'sacrifice' a lot (even when your partner never really wanted you to change). 

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