PDP Will Win in Ogun State & Lagos State in the 2023 Election -PDP Chieftain, Fabiyi Oladimeji

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The director, support group and events technical committee, Atiku for President 2023, Fabiyi Oladimeji, has said his party will win the governorship election in some Southwestern states in 2023. Speaking on AIT News, Fabiyi stated that Nigeria is a secular country and the people are not happy with the APC.Addressing the topic, he said, "Originally, Osun state was a PDP state and my party has a strong foundation in the state." You may recall that Aregbesola came to power through the court and not through the election. The court brought him there, and he brought in Gboyega Oyetola, his successor, through the power of incumbency. I wonder why APC keeps denying the fact that we are in a secular country, and I do not know why they keep throwing it at our faces that we do not matter in this country.

He continued, "In the South West, the PDP will win in Ogun State, Lagos State, and we will retain Oyo State in the 2023 general election." The APC should be careful with Nigerians. Nigerians are not happy with them and they are aware.

You can watch the interview here. (2:36:00 minute)

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