How to Mix Your Wardrobe to Unlock Your Fashion Expression

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Even with a full and dripping wardrobe, many people struggle with choosing the clothes for the occasion. And while it might look like they don't have the right outfit, they do. The key to knowing what to wear every time is to know how to mix and match your clothes appropriately.

This guide will look at how you can merge your clothing items without spending hours doing so.

1. Create time for the experiment

You will be surprised to learn that your colleague looks elegant because she spends some time choosing her outfits. You don't have to do this in a hurry. All you need is some time during the weekend. Get into your wardrobe and try different cloth combinations together.

2. Be creative 

If you want to create that original, eye-catching appearance, then you need to think. A way to help you is to make a shortcut link to fashion blogs and platforms. You can try your favorite celebrities' platforms as well. Check the different ways they dress and make a remix. For instance, if a fashion icon words sneakers for a particular outfit, you can remix yours with loafers.

3. Create a style from your existing clothes 

You will be more creative if you start with your favorite clothes. See how you can turn that favorite shirt into one of the inspirations you have from your research.

4. Know the rules

Familiarize yourself with some fashion rules, like no pattern on pattern, minimal color combination, and so on.

5. Wear a versatile cloth

A blazer is a perfect example of a universal cloth. It goes over any clothing piece, from a dress, skirt, T-shirt, or jeans.

6. Wear a monochrome outfit

This method works every time you don't know what to wear. Pull out clothes with the same shades and wear them together.

7. Don't forget the shoes

Sometimes you just need to switch your shoes, and your clothes will immediately blend.

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