£100 Per A Bowl of Tuo-Zaafi in The United Kingdom Causes Massive Stir.


'Tuo Zaafi', also known as T.Z. has its origin from the Hausa Language. The word “Tuo” means stirring or paddling while the word “Zaafi” means hot. Tuo Zaafi is not only popular in Ghana, but also across some other parts of West Africa in countries like Nigeria, Burkina — Faso, Mali, and Niger.

A bowl of Tuo Zaafi with Ayoyo soup cost 100 ponds in the United Kingdom, the food is enjoyed by some British and Ghanaian citizens in the UK. A bowl of Tuo Zaafi cost a hundred ponds which has caused massive stir on social media. In Ghana less than one pond can buy two bowls of Tuo Zaafi.


Tuo Zaafi is a staple food in the northern parts of Ghana and unlike other local foods, such as banku, fufu, and yam, T.Z. cannot be found on the menu of various restaurants across the country. It was not until quite recently that some restaurants started adding it to their menus.

Tuo Zaafi is commonly made with corn flour or millet flour. It is soft in nature and a little sticky. It is normally eaten with any soup of your choice, but the most common soup associated with T.Z. is “Ayoyo” or dry okra, which is also known as “busheshe kebewa.” The ingredients are very affordable and available at all times.

Ayoyo soup is a green leaf soup enjoyed by tribes in the northern region of Ghana. It’s popularly served with tuo, a maize & cassava meal like dumpling. Ayoyo is the local name for Jews or Jute Mallow or Egyptian Spinach or bush okra. It’s a very nutritious leaf rich in protein, calcium, riboflavin, iron, folate and dietary fiber. It’s thought to be a super food so enjoy eating.

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