We Want To Make It Clear That We Are Not Associated With Azimio - Sauti Sol

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Through their official social media handle Kenyan celebrated music band has come to criticize the Azimio coalition after the political coalition used one of their famous songs extravaganza in their campaigns.

They said that they are not preview to any sought of arrangement with the coalition and neither did they authorise the coalition to use their song in the unveiling of their running mate.

That the coalition took it upon themselves to use a property that's not theirs without their permission which is contrary to article 4 of the constitution.

They concluded that they want to make it clear that they are not associated with the coalition or any political party presidential flag bearer and their running mates. Furthermore they indicated that they'll take further action by suing the Azimio coalition for infringement of their rights.

We await to see what response we shall be availed with from the Azimio principals and if by anycase the music band will live up to their threats in taking legal action against Azimio.


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