Check out these photos of bella on date rush that shows she is really a queen


Bella is a contestant on date rush season three.

Date rush is a reality show where ladies and gentlemen go to find love. Season two just ended and bella is now part of the season 3.She has a very good sense of humour and very beautiful.

Check out these fantastic photos of bella that shows that she is really beautiful.This was when she was auditioning for date rush. Everything shows how she gained entrance to date rush. now that's a queen right there.

Her natural sense of humour have gotten many men falling for her on date rush. But she normally rejects them all. Many fans know her for rejecting guys by turning her rush off.

Wow,me myself, I can't get enough of her beauty. very natural beauty.

This is a photo of her standing in front of her house gate and you can see the beauty right there.

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