U-20 AFCON: Black Satellites conquer Africa but what next

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The Black Satellites were delegated rulers of Africa for the fourth time on Saturday in the wake of beating Uganda in the U-20 Africa Cup of Nations last. 

It was Ghana's second victory in Africa in the 21st century. 

Yet, how has a success for the country's most brilliant football gifts become a discussion over how football ought to be played? 

Coming into the competition, there was a ton of good faith, yet after two games, the questions began to set in: unacceptable exhibitions against Morocco and Gambia, created a commotion among the footballing local area in Ghana. 

Ghana in the end completed third and went through as the one of the two best third-set groups. 

There were school of considerations that all around needed mentor Karim Zito fired during the competition, others lectured tolerance and time. The fact of the matter is most likely some place in the center. 

Another dull appearing against Cameroon, where the group nearly got taken out, was rescued by punishments. 

At that point came the defining moment at the peak of the competition; the re-match with Gambia which was a professional appearing from the group, demonstrating that the players and the mentor gained from their underlying misfortune in the gathering stage. 

The Black Satellites proceeded to improve and played their best game in the competition against a solid Ugandan side. 

So why are individuals irate? We won the prize right? Indeed. Yet, the way where the prize was one isn't something Ghana ought to be over abundant about. 

Put it like this, if this competition were to be restarted, what chance would you offer Ghana to win it? Likewise, assuming the World Cup was to fallen off, will these harvest of players have the stuff to contend like the 2009 crew did? 

From the WAFU Zone B competition in November till the U-20 Final, Ghana played 10 games, and just won 5. What is much more stressing over these games were that practically half of objectives scored came from set-pieces and long reach strikes. 

Any football trainer or investigator will reveal to you this is an indication that your style of play is impractical. You can't go into each football match with your destiny in the event that someone can place a ball into the net from 40 yards. 

There was a ton of covering up the conspicuous breaks in this competition; before the competition there were claims of pay off and player determination outrages, there was never a steady gathering of starters and there was worry over a portion of the players who just showed up in the crew list suddenly. 

This is likewise not a decent sign for the development of Ghana football, it puts ability distinguishing proof under genuine investigation; where and how are players being explored? Is it true that they are adequate? Or on the other hand are some outer powers controlling their position in the group? 

A looming issue in Ghana football has been tied in with overcoming any issues between the adolescent levels and the Senior National group, yet how are these players expected to make it into the group? In view of legitimacy or dependent on who they know? 

There were truly problematic player determinations in the group in the two competitions and no one knows how or why, however for a country that needs to be a football force to be reckoned with, a ton of thought needs to go into the country's football approach and which players fit into it. better gander at the football they play. 

Baba Mensah, Derrick Mensah, Francis Narh. Do these names sound natural? These players were in the crew for the 2013 Under-20 African Championships yet they disappeared with time after Ghana went right to the last in that release. 

Pretty much every crew Ghana has had at youth level never make it to the Black Stars, and one of the significant reasons is the thing that has been referenced above: they play in groups constructed and trained to "win" and their advancement subsequent to winning is left to the breeze. 

As a football country, significantly more spotlight on ought to be tossed on the specialized bearing. The accounts, the dramatization, the promotion ought to be let well enough alone. 

In a couple of years, where does Ghana see these gathering of players? Is it enough to put a gathering of players together and trust they win again or the nation needs to lock in and set up constructions to ensure that Ghana encounters consistent accomplishment at youth level which means the public group? 

Remember, the current Under-17s neglected to make the impending AFCON competition, and the Under-23s neglected to fit the bill for the Olympics. These two disappointments will be covered by the gleaming, fabulous prize success by the Satellites. 

How about we make one thing clear, the two sides of this "banter" are wrong. The voices of analysis was not focused in the group or Zito; it was focused on the designs that were making a less than impressive display of encouraging their prosperity. 

How this prize win is seen will be key in the improvement in the football in Ghana. Do Ghanaians see this success a seal of endorsement and a pointer that there isn't anything amiss with our childhood groups or, does this victory make an interpretation of into a stage to improve by developing what the nation have for the fate of these players? The decision is yours. 

Keep in mind, with taking everything into account, in the following five years, this equivalent yield of players who vanquished Africa ought to have the stuff to rehash this accomplishment at senior level. To accomplish this, advancement must be followed, designed and amplified.

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