Disturbing Photos Of The Dirty CBD Angers Nairobians: Where Is The Ever Praised General Badi


The President of the Republic of Kenya, His Excellency Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta has always been supporting and praising the work of the Nairobi Metropolitan Services boss General Badi Mohammed. He never forgets to say how his work is commendable, and that the development of the city would benefit all Nairobians.

But of late, General Badi is no where to be seen as Nairobi CBD turns into a stinking landfill. In over two weeks, heaps of garbage are seen at many corners of the City and there are no signs of the trash getting collected any time soon.

Walkways in Sreets such as Tom Mboya, Moi Avenue, Lagos, Tsavo and Ngariama have piles of garbage all over. Some litter bins are overflowing with trash while others have been turned upside down, spilling garbage.

Below are some of the latest photos of how dirty the most promising City in East and Central Africa is;

This is so annoying and the NMS should do something about it before it gets out if hand.

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