Use The Land That Belongs To The People Of Bawku To Build Military Barracks - Otchere-Ankrah

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A Governance Lecturer at the Central University, Doctor (Dr) Benjamin Otchere-Ankrah in an interview with the host of Kokrokoo, Kwame Sefa Kayi boldly tells the Government to stop wasting money on the Bawku conflict by providing security to restore peace but rather use the land that belongs to the people to build Military Barracks.

According to Benjamin Otchere-Ankrah, the Bawku conflict is causing a massive stir in the economy and due to that, it has made part of the democracy not helpful to the Ghanaians.

Benjamin Otchere-Ankrah tells the Government to forget about democracy and claim the land to do something beneficial that will help maintain law and order at Bawku rather than wasting money.

Benjamin Otchere-Ankrah also tells the government to use the land to build Military Barracks because if the rebels see a person in military attire, they become frightened and try to abstain from all sorts of conflicts.

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