Bank Manager Swears To End Marriage After Catching His Wife With A Taxi Driver. (WATCH)


Many people get married for the sole purpose of enjoying daily intimacy with their partners. It is natural for humans to release some stress after a long day at work in order to regain mental and physical health. Marriage stability is assured in marriages where both partners enjoy participating in the act. However, if one of the partners is someone who does not enjoy sex, the chances of cheating in the marriage are considerable. To get to the point of this piece, an unidentified bank manager has threatened to divorce his wife for the reasons listed below, which were narrated by his wife during an interview.

"As a married pair, my husband was not making love to me. This led me to conclude that it was possibly due of the way I dressed. So I asked a friend to tell me if I looked bad in my clothes. "You're OK, Vivian," my Vivian replied. She also suggested that I pray to God to change my husband's thinking about me, but this was futile. If I touched him late at night, he would shove me away. I had been concerned for a long time, so I asked him why he was torturing me. He claimed that he was not the type of guy who indulged in excessive pleasure."

"Meanwhile, we used to indulge in the act seven days a week during our courtship, but he transformed after we married. Every day, he returned home late. It was a plethora of difficulties for me to overcome. There was this cab driver who lived next door to our house who I used to talk to about my marital woes. My husband was so envious that he once summoned me to the house and slapped me for wearing a miniskirt in public."

"When I revealed my issues with the taxi driver, he was very attentive and sympathetic. He hugged me once, and I began to have feelings for him after that. One early morning, I went to the taxi driver's room to inquire about something. Someone informed my husband, and he became enraged at the suggestion that I was having an affair with the taxi driver, Bra Raymond. He threatened to divorce me after that day."

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