RIP: Tears Roll Down During Last Respect To Five Relatives Who Perished On Christmas Day

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It is so sad to the family, friends, relatives and the entire nation as five bodies of same blood is laid to rest today. This is an insidence that occured some weeks ago during Christmas day where a fatal accident claimed lives of these innocent souls.

Ronald Bundi, wife Veronica, and their children who perished in a road accident on Christmas Day will be buried today in Nyekegogi, Kisii County. The entire Nyekegogi area in Kisii is full of sorrow following the current situation at hand.

According to the reports , the victims were off from Mombasa to celebrate their holiday at Kisii before they could experience such a fatal accident. May their souls rest in eternal peace.

Most of the road users should therefore be very careful during the time they are using the roads to avoid these fatal accidents that usually results into deaths.

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