Knowing your purpose on earth


What is purpose.It is simple the reason why you are born or make,in this world of the living everybody have a purpose.So the question is what is your purpose on earth,to become great you have to first identify your purpose and work toward it.

How do I identify my purpose

1.One can identify his or her purpose through prayer. That is if you ask God the one who make you to help you identify your purpose he will do it.Because his word says we should ask him and he will give ai base on this he will reveal your purpose to you when you asked him in prayer can identify his or her purpose through dreams,God speaks to his children while they are asleep,he use to reveal our purpose to as in our dreams but to we take it seriou no.Example you may see yourself preaching In the dream this is to telling you that your purpose on earth is to be a man of God.,by our dreams God make known to us our purpose and reason for bringing us on this earth

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