Watch : Suspect Robs A Pensioner At Vannin Court In Hillbrow

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The video footage shows an incident where one of the boys were committing robberies in Vannin Court is perpetrating one of the robberies on a very old woman, this woman is believed to be a pensioner who is hardworking and is doing everything in her power in order to raise her children.

But of course this is a situation that is not good for them or any other members of the public, because they’re in a situation where they fear for their lives and they cannot use any of these streets to go to wherever they want for the fear of these individuals who are allegedly perpetrated robberies on a daily basis.

The incident has shocked many people because the suspect seems to be determined in his pursuits to rob this old woman who is helpless at the moment, and is looking around to see if anyone is around to assist the woman get out of the situation.

He was holding up a partial to her threatening to hit her in stable with the devil incident is crowned alarming and these individuals are allowed to perpetrate their criminal activities everyday right in front of the building, no matter how many times they’re rounded up by the bad boy security.

It seems like they never learn because this is one of the many incidences that are happening in the area around this side of Johannesburg, Hillbrow.

The robberies of all kinds on a daily basis on ordinary members of the public who are not suspecting, even the ones who happened to be passing by and are using a taxi to go through the Johannesburg inner city they get caught up in such incidences.

Law enforcers are always encouraging more and more individuals to come forward with information that would lead to the arrest of the perpetrators of crimes, the incident has caused many to question the police in the country.

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