Why KNEC Contracted Professionals Should Brace Themselves For A Long Wait For Their Dues


Respected national agencies and independent commissions tasked with executing specific mandates have this disturbing, unexplainable nauseating penchant for deliberately delaying paying contracted officials whenever they hire them for a national exercise.

The most shameless of all being the national examiner that is The kenya national examination council ( KNEC).

For years the national examiner has established a not so enviable tradition of paying examiners and invigilators their dues several weeks or months after the task has been completed.

Have you ever wondered why state agencies like KNEC, yet the money was budgeted for earlier, takes eons to pay officials contracted for some temporary national assignment?

Why would it take months for an organization like KNEC that demands discipline and commitment from the stakeholders it works with in the administration of the exams not show the best example of commitment and discipline by meeting its part of bargain timely and expeditiously when the money for the exercise has already been budgeted for?

The answer to this question is simple.

Some big cats within KNEC take such moments as golden opportunity to mint money by trading off with money either with the banks or at the stock market.

It is a nasty tradition that has it roots from the dark days of KANU and Moi ERROR sorry ERA. But it could as well be an an ERA that turned out to be an ERROR. This culture perfected through time has refused to die. This tradition of making quick bucks from people's sweat behaves like the proverbial phoenix bird that rises from it ashes.

It is through such dark ways that demagogues, head of parastatals, CEOs of government agencies would make millions of money by diverting dues meant for masses to trade for long periods enabling them to mint millions and sometimes billions as the targeted beneficiaries languish and agonize as they wait.

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