Political Analyst Makes Speculations On What Might Let Down Raila In 2022 Claiming Not Ruto-Uhuru


The recent concluded mini polls in several places across the country is now sending a bad image on what might happen in 2022. It is believed that the tough contest of the 2022 presidential race will be between Raila Odinga and Ruto.

However, professor Kisiangani today made some remarks on the politics of the country. He claimed that what makes Kenyan politics sweet is that Kenyans have a cluster of politicians who year in year out are available and willing to be outfoxed by masters of the game. After the BBI referendum the masters of the game will take over the politics of the nation, he added. However, the professor hoped that Raila is not one of those masters who will take the politics of the nation.

Kisiangani also said that looking at the Kenyan political terrain today he is persuaded Raila Odinga will soon realize that DP Ruto has never been his enemy. But regrettably, Raila may come to terms with this reality when it is already too late, he claimed. He also speculated that Raila will discover this after the BBI referendum.

His remarks made many Kenyans react and some told him that it is Ruto who needs to realise that Raila has never been his enemy considering the many a times he has called Raila "Mganga." Others claimed that Raila is a liberator and not a master.

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