I use a 2.4 engine capacity car and I am selling it because I can not cope with the fuel prices

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COPEC has indicated that the fuel prices will be increased by 2ghs effective Today ,Wednesday, 16th March,2022.

According to COPEC, the current fuel prices of 8.29 is currently subsidized by the Oil marketing companies . COPEC has stated that ,they are even overwhelmed about how the Oil Marketing Companies currently manage the discount of about 70pesewas per litre .

COPEC has advised consumers to brace themselves for the 10ghs or 11ghs fuel price and not to expect any further subsidies . They have expressed concern about the prevailing economic situation in the country .

We are monitoring the responses of the general public in relation to the upward adjustment of fuel prices .

On Rainbow Radio , most private car owners called this morning to express worry about using their cars on the roads . One caller said, " I use a 2.4 engine capacity car and I do not think I can cope with the fuel price increment . I am planning to sell my car to use the public transport or trotro so that I do not get frustrated about my high fuel expenditures . Now it is not an option for me to even buy the small cars due to the rising cost of cars ''.

Many Ghanaians are worried about the rising cost of every thing in the country . Another business man interviewed at his shop by JUKELAFRICA at Lapaz said "" from building materials , phones , car spare parts and even food : in fact, every thing is expensive in Ghana and so we plead with government to subsidize the fuel prices to help us work and earn for a living ''.

COPEC has indicated that the actual price of fuel should have been around 8.90ghs but these Oil Marketing Companies have gone the extra mile to subsidize the prevailing market price. COPEC also stated that due to the intervention made by the companies , Ghanaians should not expect a further discount when the 2ghs is imposed to make petrol and diesel sell at almost 11ghs .Besides, COPEC has projected that fuel prices will continue to increase further in the future. Based on the reactions of the general public , we recommend that government should introduce fuel subsidies to ameliorate the plights of the ordinary citizen .

Would it help the country if people park or sell their private cars to use the commercial vehicles? Would that reduce the traffic on our roads to improve the general productivity ? Share your views with us !

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