Man Exhume Daughter's Body From Fresh Grave Over 'This' Reason.


Confusion in Shinyalu constituency, Kakamega county. A man has shocked his area residents. After exhuming his daughter's body from grave over 'this' weird reason.

Going by the reports, the deceased was buried a week ago. She died at the age of 15. The man's names are Addrey Asiema, 52.

According to him, "he wants to give her a decent burial." Explaining himself, the man stated that he felt unsatisfied with the why his daughter was buried.

Therefore, he's set to give the deceased a befitting burial. The area residents have madly reacted to these weird move. According to them, it's a curse to exhume a body from grave.

In reliance to their customs, the residents have advised the man to perform a cleansing ritual. These will help in appeasing the 'dead'. The police officers are on with their investigations. The act is against the Covid-19 rules.

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