Lovely photos of Success Adegor from Sapele who was driven out of school last year

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Education is very key for the growth of why society. It's importance cannot be over emphasized. In the same vein, the government has been advised to make education available to all. However, this has not always been the case as hundreds of thousands of Nigerian children are out of school yearly in the country.

Success Adegor who is a primary three pupil in a school in Sapele, Delta State was sent out of school due to the inability of the girl's to pay her school fees. Nevertheless, the little girl stated in a video that went viral that she preferred to be flogged than to be sent out of school. But the teachers will flog till they are tired.

When the video went viral, many persons felt that it wasn't the fault of the girl that she was sent out of school. Hence, she should have been left to stay in school. Most persons that watched the video made promises to her. Some also promised to fund her education.

Many months after, Success made another video to say that she was not given anything. And that the promises were all fake.

Mofe Duncan, a Nollywood actor have come to say otherwise. He said that it Success Adegor and her family got nothing. At least, they got N1,000,000.

Whoever is saying the truth, time will tell.

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