Form Two Student Collapses and Dies After Being Beaten Thoroughly by Her Mother, Father and Brother


Domestic violence have been increasing in our country and many innocent people have been reported killed by their husbands of family relatives. These cases have made many children to lose their parents and become orphans. Some innocent children who are now orphans are moving from one place to another to search for basic needs such as food, clothes and shelter. These cases of killings, should be condemned by the society and the suspects should be arrested.

Furthermore, all pastors should come together and pray for our country because these cases are increasing daily.

Accordingly from the source, a Form Two girl collapsed and died after being beaten by her family members. It has been reported that, the girl was beaten by her family members. She was rushed to hospital. Unfortunately, she collapsed and died.

Police have been investigations to determine what happened.

This happens in our country after other such cases have been reported in this year.

May her soul rest in peace.

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