Community loot alcohol delivery truck, see what happened.

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Just when a lot of people are still out there calling KZN certified looters, in the sense that they staged a looting spree throughout the July riots last year, and they were clearing a truck that lost its load yesterday. Soap opera around the class. Things seemed to take another turn, with the Giani (Limpopo) people quickly stealing the spotlight for the Durbans.

Well, what happened recently in Giyani is the same thing that a lot of people always associate KZN with (the robbery), the people in Giyani were caught on camera delivering alcohol to a broken down truck.

As you can see above, these guys have gone all out and robbed a huge shipment of alcohol, they don't seem to care about the driver and his job, they are in danger for this bad behavior of theirs. So now you all know that they say that bad news spreads fast so did what happened in this incident, leaving a lot of people with a lot to say (read some of what was said in the comments section below)

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