Earn 3× Of Your Pay On Opera News Hub With These Simple Steps Without Any Tussle. [OPINION]

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Opera News Hub is an African based news reading application that gives it's user's access to unlimited news content from all over the continent and have over a thousand plus(1000+) publisher's.

The application has been in the system for less than 5 years but they have greatly helped both publisher's and readers in giving great content and also paying publisher's monthly according to the number of written article's and traffic achieved.

But many publisher's on the site has been complaining of the kind of traffic and payment they recieve monthly which they think is not what is expected of their article's.

Well some may be true but many are not aware that to gain more from their article's some effort must be placed in it and this has been making many publisher's backslide.

To make more money from your article's all one has got to do is to;

• Good and quality content

• Share published article's on other platforms

• Be an active creator and interact with readers.

If one keeps this three (3) points at heart, then the idea of making more money on Opera News Hub is guaranteed.

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