If You Want To Know A Man That Cares, Take Note Of These Things Whenever You Are With Him


When you're in a relationship, you need to be sure about how your partner feels about you. You shouldn't rely only on how you feel if you don't want to get hurt or heartbroken.

As a woman, there are ways you can get to know if a man cares or not. A man can be cunning and you can't be sure of what they say or do. A man can claim to love you just to take advantage of you and if you're not smart enough, you will only get used and dumped.

Dear women, if you want to know a man that cares, take note of these things whenever you are with him.

1. How much respect he gives you.

Men can be strong but they're always weak inside. A man that is in love can be the most patient being you can ever see. He will always treat his woman with full respect and care. When a man is like this to you, just know he cares about you. But if he doesn't treat you with respect and he hardly shows you the respect you deserve, there is no sign he cares about you. He won't even make you feel important and if you're the one telling him what to do, just know he doesn't care.

2. The acknowledgment he gives you in front of his friends.

If a man is not bold enough to flatter and acknowledge his woman in front of his friends, there is a big chance he doesn't care about his woman. As a woman, if your man can't acknowledge you in front of his friends, it shows he doesn't care enough about you. This is because a man that loves you will never be ashamed to make a declaration of his love for you in front of his friends. Once you notice your man can't acknowledge you in the presence of his friends, just know he doesn't care at all.

3. The amount of time he spends with you.

A man that cares for you will always be there for you no matter what. He will spend quality time with you and he will never make you feel lonely. Even if he's busy, he will make it up to you that you won't even miss his presence that much. But a man that doesn't care won't ever bother checking up on you not to talk of spending time with you.

 He will always complain of been busy.  

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