Meet Curvy Curly Chrisy & Shanice The 2 Hottest Instagram Models Who Are blessed With Huge Shapes


Instagram one of the top social media platforms replenished with beautiful plus size celebrities who are mostly known as models. These plus size keeps flaunting their succulent skin and curvaceous body to thrilled their fans.

In this article, I have gathered the top two plus-size Instagram models who are blessed with huge backside and succulent skin causing massive confusion on the Internet. The two models are Curvy Curly Chrisy and Shanice Lovee.

Shanice Lovee

Shanice Lovee is known as a top American model, actress, video vixen, social media influencer and brand ambassador. She is also known as one of the admirable celebrities in America. She keeps flaunting her gargantuan backside to thrilled her fans.

She is having over 130k followers on Instagram. Her Instagram handle is Fineassshanice.

Curvy Curly Chrisy

Curvy Curly Chrisy is another top American model, actress, social media influencer, brand ambassador and blogger. She is recognized as one of the most curvaceous black model in America with her gargantuan backside. She is known as one of the best female bloggers in American who keep delivering good content to her fans. She is having over 1 million followers on Instagram


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