Nairobi Man Tells Karen Nyamu to "Steal" Him as She Did to Samidoh


One man in Nairobi has left Kenyans speechless after his latest appeal to Karen Nyamu. I what seemed to be a teasing game, he requested her to "steal" him as he did to Samidoh. His sentiments have since attracted the attention of Kenyans with a lot of opinions about him.

The man boldly posted saying that he now wanted Karen to take him as he did to Samidoh. The man who presumably is a married young person has set the internet on fire with many Kenyans expressing their feelings about his "humble" request. It was a hilarious moment filled with bliss and confusion at the same time.

Lawyer Karen Nyamu and musician Samido have been the talk of the city in the past few days over their alleged relationship. Karen Nyamu is said to have claimed that Samidoh has been her close associate for quite a while. The two celebrities have hit major entertainment headlines throughout the week.