Kanze Dena's Photos Away From Television Looking Amazing


Kellen Beatrice Kanze Dena is her real full name bt most people know her by just Kanze Dena. Kanze is a former Swahili news anchor and she used to cohost with Lulu Hassan the wife to Rashid Abdalla. Lulu and Rashid now cohost the show together.

Kanze is now the spokesperson of Kenya, Executive office of the President, Republic of Kenya and Head of Presidents Strategic Communication unit.

Dena was born back in the year 1981 making her 41 years of age as of 2021.Kanze was boen and raised in kwale county and she was born to Duruma parents.

Dena is the fourth born in her family of six children and two parents. Duruma is part of the Mijikenda and there’s her origin.

Dena went to Kieni girl’s high school for her high school education and went to Kianjokoma boarding school for her primary education.

Dena even though she hasn’t been lucky with relationships has gotten married to a handsome man. She is also a mother to two kids of which the first born who was a girl passed away.

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