How well Do we Understand The Earth?


We wonder how has the earth been nowadays from its past condition in comparison to few decades back .. Have you ever felt something drastically changed here ?If somebody does , definitely he finds deterioration of that trouble free , greenery , magnificent , ecologically stable condition.

Do you have any ideas how it became such environmentally imbalanced , full of pollution , suffering of many pandemic diseases , no rain , extreme rain, global warming , declination of flora and fauna and so on ? Undoubtedly ,this is due to human activities irrespective to the norms of the nature.

Nature itself has its own discipline unless there is human interfere.. Deforestation , jungle fire , disposal of pollutants indiscriminately , over population , industrialization , poaching of wild animals , unwisely farming on sloppy traces , imposing etc. are some responsible factors of causing the environment come to cease.

Can we imagine that we can live for 5 minutes without oxygen ? Can we live without water for a couple of days ? And so on ? It wouldn't possible .any longer . Hence , the human shouldn't forget the development , protection and preservation of the nature along with the pace of physical infrastructure development for human civilization.

Everybody expects quality of life , happiness , tranquillity , food and accommodation which are only possible through conservation of the nature . Nature is our mother . And no birth can be possible without a mother as far as no child can grow big unless he gets no nurture of his mother . So its time to be serious on the emerging issues and their permanent solutions.