Nursing Mother Devastated Following 'Unexplained' Drowning Of 19-Months-Old Baby In A Well


It's really strange how a 19 months old baby boy got drowned in a well outskirts of the Abura township all by himself, the traumatized mother, Maame Esi Gyanwaa narrates. Her ordeal could only be described in a few words given the circumstances under which the child fell into the well.

She told local reporters and the police that her baby had gone missing a couple of days ago, and no search got to find him. It took some local folks who were attempting to fetch water from the well to find the lifeless body of the baby lay afloat.

The body was retrieved, and Madam Gyanwaa called to identity if the bay was hers. She broke down in tears upon seeing the baby. Very much deformed, she said while crying.

Herself and many other neighbors couldn't explain how the baby got there as the household was very much far away from the well. Many suspected murder, as the baby couldn't have crawled all by himself to that well.

The uncle of the kid, Mr. Aidoo told the local media that the issue require some interrogation to unravel what cause the murder of the person or group behind it.

"This is no accident. This is murder. Someone wanted this kid dead. The Police must look into the matter to its conclusion."

The entire community is thrown into shock and wishes the people behind this are brought to book. But then the immediate family of the deceased wil be interrogated by police to understand the situation much better.