Participate now in tree planting project.


Participation of tree planting projects is realy needed to we humans. Such tree planting projects comes often in months and in every year. There is going to be a tree planting exercise on June 11, 2021 which all student both basic and senior secondary will be participating in next month. This project is with the motto lets go planting. We all must participate to help us in terms of our health.

Why is planting of trees important in terms of our health? Trees are really needed in our environment to help purify the air we breathe in. Trees absorbs carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and releases oxygen which is needed by humans to survive. We can all see that due to human activities, trees that are needed have been destroyed, so it is important to plant more.

A wise man once said,"When the last tree dies, the last man dies". So we see how important trees are to the health and beneficial of humans. It is soo sad to see that most trees are cut off for fire woods, some are also cutted with chainsaw for construction purpose and so many other deeds. Such people who do this do not plant another tree to replace the tree. This makes this tree species disappear .

Trees serves as shade to water bodies such as streams, lagoons, rivers and this small bodies that contribute to the sea. This trees behind this water bodies are there for a purpose, this trees prevent the sun rays from getting straight to the water bodies.

What happens if the sun gets access straight to the water bodies? It is like heating water on fire. When it start to boils and the water is not taken of from your gas stove, the water turns to vapour and vanishes to the atmosphere. Same as if water bodies are exposed to the sun, the sun will heat them and later on turn them into vapour into the atmosphere. If such thing happens , all this small water bodies will dry up, and it will lead to shortage of water in our various communities. This shows how it is our own benefit to participate now in tree planting projects.

Some may ask ,we do not have access to access to seedlings, so how will we contribute? We have various offices that are in charge of providing seedlings to help in tree planting projects.You can also donate to help in the tree planting projects.

To bring my discussion to the end, trees are beneficial for all humans species survival, if trees are destroyed, the race of humans come to an end.

Thank you.