"My Husband Mistress Would Send Me Video's Of Everything They Did With My Husband- Woman Narrates


Rosemary has narrated her story of how the mistress of her husband used to send her be videos of everything they were doing with the husband.

According to her she got pregnant while in class eight and her boyfriend was in form one she dropped out and the boyfriend and continued with studies and her parents helped her to raise the baby.

Rosemary claims that after he completed his studies he came to Nairobi and didn't bother to go and check on his baby untill his son was in form four and asked rosemary parent's to let him take his family and rose agreed to move in with him.

She claims that she made a mistake of going back to him because after sometimes he started cheating on her with a lady who would send her videos of what they were doing with her husband and upon asking him he would beat her.

Her husband got fired from his work and he changed his behaviors and stayed at home and rose claims that she provided everything in the house for a whole year and she helped him get another job but after his first salary he went back to his mistress leaving her pregnant.

Rose felt that she had made a mistake of coming back to him only for him to disrespect her and since she was a hardworking lady she decided to end her marriage and moved on with life as a single mother of three.


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