"The Law Allows You To Kill People Sometimes," Ahmednasir Opines In Churchill Show


Senior Counsel Ahmednassir Abdullahi was hosted by comedian Daniel Churchill Ndambuki on the famous Churchill Show on NTV. Ahmednassir discussed various issues about his life, law, career, wealth and politics. He was very honest and candid throughout the interview.

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During the interview he claimed that the law sometimes allows people to kill others sometimes. According to him their are three types of homicides murder, manslaughter and provocation. Murder is premeditated or planned killing. The perpetrator always has malice aforethought that is ill intention. The other is provocation where for example one may find his wife in bed with another man. The husband may kill the other man in the heat of the moment. The last one is manslaughter where person may end the life of the other when intoxicated.Image: Courtesy

The law is interpretated in the judiciary. The lawyers play a big role in helping the judges to determine thr case fairly. Grand Mullah noted that the corruption in the judiciary has impended the dispensation of justice to Kenyans. He rated the Kenyan as judges 5/10 when asked.

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