Chinyere Udoma Sends Wonderful Christmas Message

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Popular Gospel Singer, Ambassador, Chinyere Udoma has through one of her social media platforms send a wonderful Christmas messages to fans and the General public. She have urged fans not to lose focus on the business of the day hence the Christmas celebration is for the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Chinyere Udoma is one of the well recognized gospel singer in Nigeria, Africa and in many parts of the globe. She have released many music albums and as well featured in many Christians crusades and other programs in different churches with different pastors. She have never fail to retrace her tracks when some unscrupulous elements in the society tried to mislead her or dirty her image.

Even though she have been featuring in many church programs with different pastors but have not failed to debunk any rumours of participating in programs she is not away of. In many occasions, some pastors has tried to lure crowd to their programs by using Chinyere Udoma's image on their posters as one of the event ministers.

Recently, she urged fans to always disregard any information about her featuring in any church programs that is not from her, says some people have tried to tag her untrustworthy. In her recent Christmas message to fans, she said; "My Beloved!  Have an amazing Celebration Time and remember Jesus is The Focus. I love you all and have a Merry Merry Merry Christmas.

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