Kenyans React To Photoshopped Photo Of DP Ruto And Allies In Wearing Prison Uniform (Photos)

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A photo of Dp Ruto and his allies wearing prison uniforms has ignited different reactions online. This was posted by George peter Kaluma on twitter and he has received a lot of criticism from Kenyans. From his tweet, he said that he is gifting whoever photoshopped that photo Ksh 10,000.

Most of the Kenyans told him that even though he hates the deputy president he is still respected by a lot of kenyans.

This was posted by Hon George and on his post he wrote, "Whoever came up with this has earned ksh.10,000, just like that!

Here are some of the comments:

Msongoi: Here comes the honourable distinguished lawyer in his true colour. Baba's cow per excellence

Gacanja: The irony here is that you think you or the side you support are any different. . .

David: Hahaha mimi ningeshauri hakuna haja ya kuwaweka ndani ila ningewalazimisha kurudisha mali ya serikali during amnesty for all

Kibet: You crucify him, he goes heaven straight, you like him, he continues preaching the hustler gospel...... Habari Yako.... Tena!!!

Wainaina: This is nonsense yet its making you exited like a teen on first date!

Godfrey: Hon. Peter Opondo Kaluma, this really bad from you. Just bad

Bernaculate: Kenyans are much creative moreso if they dont want you

Micheal: Just because they have refused to bow and worship sons and daughters of HOME GUARDS, they deserve to be in jail?

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