Good News To 25,500 Families In Nairobi As The County Government Promise The Following For 3 Months


Coronavirus has killed millions of people around the world. The virus normally attack the lungs and reduce the amount of oxygen in the body. Some signs and symptoms include fever, coughing and sneezing.

This disease has caused many families to life in challenges. Many businesses have been closed to curb the spreading of covid-19 in the country. Some people lost their jobs because of this epidemic. Furthermore, the epidemic has caused many families to lack basic needs such as food , clothes and many other essential items.

Accordingly from the source, more than 25,500 families will get some foodstuffs from the County Government of Nairobi. This program will help the needy families for the next three months. These are good news as many families will benefit from the program. This has happens when many families are struggling everyday to get basic needs. Sometimes it is very difficult because of coronavirus epidemic has affected many people.

Let's hope covid-19 will end and also make sure you follow all guidelines from the ministry of health.

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