"My Wife Has Been Managing My Business Worth Of Millions Because I Was Illeterate" A Man Narrates

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Growing up, Muigai was unable to go to school because the parents kept in fighting until they separated. He started working by grazing sheeps and cows when he was 10 years old.

After years of being passed from one home to another with little or no pay, he went back home to his mum. Afterwards he was employed at a farm, where they grew flowers in naivasha.

In these flower farms, he met the love of his life. When they met, he was working as a cleaning person and the woman was a manager. The love between them was almost impossible since the two were from different classes.

When the other managers, realized that there was love, he was sacked from his job. He went out and started self employment. He started hawking water using donkey carts. His hard work stood out and the woman was attracted to him, and the two got married.

He hustled his way around, selling water and milk until he bought land and they built their own house.

From there he became a broker of lands and that was the beginning of a new life full of opportunities.

From then he has been trying to educate her children to ensure that they land more greater opportunities.

From his riches, he has been able to go back to every family that took care of him when he was young and thank them for taking care of him.

He is sure that his helping hand has earned him more favours than he has ever imagined.


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