Qualifications To Enter Into A Nursing Training In Ghana Now - Read Full Details


The nursing admissions criteria are as follows: the applicant must be between the ages of 18 and 35. Students with WASSCE results can achieve a cumulative aggregate score of 36 or higher in six subjects, including three core subjects and three electives. To be admitted to a diploma program, a prospective student must have at least six credits (A1-C6) in three core and three elective subjects.

You might get admission with whatever connection you has but remember you can never escape the judgement by the Nurses And Midwifery Council Of Ghana (NMC).

Nurses And Midwifery Council Of Ghana will not be in the various nursing institutions to monitor who's to be offered admission but after admission is offered to various students, an exercise called indexing shall be conducted by the NMC of GHANA.

During the indexing each student shall provide a biometric birth certificate provided by the birth and death registry of GHANA.

As a student seeking to study in a nursing school, you shall provide your index number obtained in high school or private exams and the year of the examination so that your original results will be picked from the West African Examination Council's data base to make sure you don't provide them with an altered results.

Even the child of the president will be expelled from the school after not meeting the above requirements.

It's a computerized system that does this and nobody can give you favour after you fail to meet the requirements.

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