Top Ruto's Ally Demands Mudavadi Campaign for UDA Against ANC Candidates

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Bonnie Khalwale has hit hard on Musalia Mudavadi asking him to rise up above local politics and be a national leader. According to Khalwale, it's evident Mudavadi is concentrating on local Western Kenya politics to know of who is elected MP and MCA instead of focusing at the bigger picture of campaigning for Ruto.

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Khalwale is clear Mudavadi knows his allies are not popular in Western Kenya but he wants them elected against those in the UDA party. He is clear at the moment, Mudavadi is so much into local politics instead of helping Ruto win support at the national stage.

Khalwale is clear, Mudavadi must focus on the national politics instead of trying to undermine the deputy President William Ruto's led party of UDA. He is clear in real sense, ANC party cannot defeat UDA even in matters around the Western Kenya politics.

However a always, let's wait and see of what happens for it's clear the deputy President William Ruto has remained focused at the top. Mudavadi has been on record fighting UDA party in his Western backyard a matter that has really not gone well with most of the UDA leaders.

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