Aliulizwa Maswali Hadi Akatoa Jasho, Rigathi Gachagua Takes A Dig At Kalonzo Musyoka

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Kalonzo Musyoka during a past press conference

Rigathi Gachagua has taken another dig at Kalonzo Musyoka as he prepares to make his major announcement tomorrow. Gachagua said that Kalonzo was humiliated during running mate interview and he is still willing to join Azimio. Gachagua even had alleged set of questions that Kalonzo was asked during the interview.

Gachagua said Kalonzo was spited by being asked to state his full names during the interview. He was then asked to provide a baptism card to prove that the information was correct according to Gachagua. The Mathira MP went ahead to add that Kalonzo was put under tough grilling even though the panel knew they would not pick him.

Gachagua told Embu residents they should not follow Kalonzo. He beseeched them to let Kalonzo go to Azimio alone and leave the region to support William Ruto. He added that Embu region should emulate Mt Kenya and support the deputy president. It is not clear what he meant by that because Embu has always been considered part of Mt Kenya.

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