Sophie Lichaba is rumoured to be dating a Nigerian Pastor and businessman

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When you talk about Sophie Lichaba, you talk about someone who has been loved by most South Africans if not all. Sophie caught the hearts of South Africans when she was playing the character of Queen on Generations and even today many people still refer to her by that stage name.

We know that when it comes to matters of love, Sophie has not had it easy. From one relationship to another which does not last long. What is most motivating about her is that she does not give up on love. We know that her last relationship with Max Lichaba did not end very well. It ended with the son of Sophie singing about his stepfather and how he has cheated on his mother. But that is all history now. There is no use dwelling on the past. If a person cheats on you, you should just get the message and move on with your life.

It has now emerged that Sophie has found love again. This time it is believed that he is with a Nigerian pastor by the name of Allen, who is also a businessman. It is believed that the couple has been dating for about a year now. This comes after Sophie has divorced Max Lichaba. It looks like Sophie Lichaba is attracting pastors as it is believed that in her previous relationship before Max Lichaba, she was dating a Pastor. Here we are again and she is dating another Pastor but this time it is a Nigerian.

We know that when it comes to Nigerians in general, those people can not be trusted and this just one of the reasons that some people are nappy for her, but just concerned. It is good that she has found love again, but she might have found it with the wrong people. Most Nigerian pastors are known to be scammers, especially those that operate here in South Africa.

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