Remember These Yoruba Fuji Artistes, Ayinla Kollington and Salawa Abeni? See Their Archive Photos

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Ayinla Kollington

General Ayinla Kollington is a Fuji artist from Ilota, a town on the edge of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. He is likewise called Baba Alatika, Kebe-n-Kwara, Baba Alagbado. 

Kollington Ayinla positions nearby his companion and rival Ayinde Barrister as the two most significant singers to command Fuji music from its beginning during the 1970s through to the 1990s by which time it had developed to get one of the most famous move kinds in Nigeria.

Ayila Kollington, 1952, Ibadan, Nigeria. Between the mid-70s and late 80s, Kollington positioned with Barrister as the main star of Nigerian fuji music - like apala and waka, a Muslim-overwhelmed connection of juju, holding that style's vocal and percussion fixings yet forsaking its utilization of electric guitars so as to acquire an increasingly conventional, roots-based sound. He started recording for Nigerian EMI in 1974, and in 1978 accomplished an articulated, however impermanent, lead over Barrister when his presentation of the incredible bata drum (fuji had until that time depended solely on talking, or squeeze drums) got the creative mind of record purchasers. In 1982, when fuji was starting to truly equal juju as Nigeria's most well known contemporary roots music, he set up his own name, Kollington Records, through which he discharged no under 30 collections throughout the following five years.

As the fame of fuji developed, and the market turned out to be sufficiently large to help the two singers, Kollington and Barrister's animosity decreased. By 1983, the two men had the option to stand one next to the other as grievers at the burial service of apala star Haruna Ishola. Another and similarly open contention rose in the mid-80s, this time with waka star Queen Salawah Abeni, who traded unpleasant individual affront with Kollington over a progression of collection discharges and counter-discharges. Unfortunately, for non-Yoruba speakers, the verbal fisticuffs stay confused, however the drum-substantial, sleep inducing music was widespread in its intrigue. 

Toward the beginning of the 1980s Ayinla began his own record organization, Kollington Records, to discharge his music and stays right up 'til today a very productive singer, having recorded more than 50 collections, the vast majority of which have never been discharged outside of Nigeria.

Salawa Abeni

Salawa Abeni is also a Nigerian singer who was born on the 5th of May, 1961 and a native of Ijebu in Ogun State. Salawa Abeni used Waka Music in starting her professional career when she released "Late General Murtala Ramat Mohammed" in 1976. This Debut album of Salawa Abeni was recorded to make an enormous sales through out Nigeria as at then.

In 1986, Ayinla Kollington married Salawa Abeni which led to the song Salawa Abeni sang titled "Ife Dara Pupo"

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Ayinla Kollington and Salawa Abeni were two great singers, say something about them!

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