Kwani Aliona Nini, Diana Confused Bahati At Their Moment Of Live Performance.

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The end month of the year 2021 marks the unexpected revelation to the fans of the Bahatis when Diana officially began her music career under rap music genre. Her stage name is Diana B and she made history after the release of her first single video song which hit a million viewers. She shared her video through her Instagram account, dressed a sexy three piece silver outfit, silver, black boots and stockings. Who starts their music at the top anyways, she did it!

Since then the couples have had a good number of live performance together around the country. Recently during their performance on stage together, Bahati was captured looking at his wife lost and confused.

Through a video posted on YouTube, Diana B was dressed in a yellow fitting dress the expose her beautiful body. This might have flirted Bahati that moment.

Fans send their love for the couples, appreciating them and wishing them the very best in their life. They are no doubt the best couple celebrities.

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