When Will The US Allow Nigeria To Use The Super Tucano Aircrafts Against Bandits?

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As the world's oldest constitutional democracy, one would expect relations between the US and Nigeria, the Africa's largest democracy to be on a strategic level, especially since they both have a common enemy. Instead, the reverse is the case. The U.S is providing "unsolicited" military assistance to dictators/autocratic regimes in Africa and forging defense partnerships by donating military equipment to countries like Cameroon and Chad.

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Encircling Nigeria with a ring of drone bases that stretches from Mali, Niger, Chad to Cameroon, and using every opportunity to condemn, delay and slam sanctions on the continent's biggest democracy at every given opportunity. Every weapon of U.S origin in Nigeria comes with an inherent disadvantage. NNS Thunder and NNS Okpabana were demilitarized before it was handed over to the Nigerian navy.

Two Alpha jets procured from the United States were also demilitarized. Attempt to acquire Cobra helicopters from Israel was blocked by the U.S, and now we are not allow to hit bandits with the Super Tucano. Why did we spend $380 million on precision-guided munitions if it can only be used against a near vanquished Boko Haram, not marauding bandits that is on a killing and kidnapping spree?

The purchase of the Super Tucano aircrafts is the most expensive arms procurement contract in our history, yet we are denied full control over the use of this weapon. The U.S use to play the human rights card when it comes to arms sales. Using the example of arms exports to developing countries. The US has not exercised export controls to discriminate against autocratic regimes. Instead, we have territorial egoism. Arms have been exported to countries that serve the domestic, economic and security interests of the U.S.

By acquiring the U.S made weapons, Nigeria has ceded away complete autonomy concerning the use of the Super Tucanos. The preconditions that come with acquiring the U.S made weapons borders on draconian. Its almost like there is a concerted effort to slow down the progress being recorded by troops

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