Forget 1st Lady's Backdated Pay and Article 71 Office Holders, Here's The MOST PAID Public Officers.


Large sections of Ghanaians reacted with fury over the decision by the country’s parliament to award £2,500-a-month salaries to the wives of the president and vice-president as the country faces economic turbulence.

Rebecca Akufo-Addo, 70, the first lady, and Samira Bawumia, 40, the wife of the vice-president, were supposed to get the same money as a cabinet minister for their supportive roles in government, with payments backdated four years under a move approved by a parliamentary committee.

The backlash, forced the First and Second Ladies, to refund the allowances they were receiving monthly and also rejected the approved backdated salary. But in my candid opinion, if many Ghanaians had any idea, how much the state Ghana, we claim is poor and is experiencing worsening economic growth, poverty, unemployment and corruption, is paying some key pubic officers heading some para state agencies, we may come to understand that, Ghana is poor to its citizens, but very affluent, to the politician and his appointees.

Government officials in Ghana are individuals the president has appointed directly or indirectly to head agencies, institutions, ministries or organizations. The excuse for the huge salaries of many, aside the allowances and benefits the state sponsors, is largely hinged on a perception that, their jobs are very demanding, important and inure to the growth of the country and thus, their salaries are certainly gargantuan or just equivalent to the work they do.

As to whether they deserve to be paid these salaries or not, will certainly not be a discussion for another day, as many Ghanaians believe that, the earlier something is done about this, the better. In fact, the TUC demands, which was the final blow, that many believe forced the First and Second Ladies to refund the money was emphatic and insistent that:

"We would also like to advise the President to initiate a process towards the establishment of a Committee/Commission made up of experts from various fields to advise government on salaries for all jobholders in the entire public service to ensure fairness."

"The current system appears to favour politicians at the expense of other jobholders in the larger public service in terms of salaries, allowances and other job-related privileges. Under no circumstance should sections of the public service receive unfair advantage over others in the same public service. The wrongs that have been that have been perpetuated over nearly past three decades at the blind side of taxpayers must stop now," it concluded.

Clearly, from a quick look at this salaries, as at 2018, as seen below, there is a need for a change and if this change is the change of our constitution, then so should it be, as the new tangent of the #FixTheCountry campaign, is taking gradually. It is in no particular order.

1. Governor of the Bank of Ghana - GHC 124,100

This amount is the highest salary that any government appointee takes home on a monthly basis. Dr. Ernest Addison is the man who supervises the entire banking sector in Ghana today. He was behind the merger of five struggling local banks in Ghana today.

Current CEO, Bank of Ghana.

2. Boss of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) - GHC 102,102

The commissioner general of the GRA, is the second highest paid government official in Ghana today .

3. SSNIT Boss - GHC 88, 606

4. COCOBOD Boss - GHC 75, 102

Joseph Boahen Aidoo is the chief executive officer of COCOBOD. His task is to ensure that Ghana remains the leading exporter of cocoa in the world. As it stands now, Ivory Coast is the leading country with Ghana being the second. With a target of 1 million metric tonnes of cocoa a year.

And if you care to know, Ghana borrows every year from international banks, just to buy Cocoa, before it pays back, when its sold. All this huge salaries, paid them, have not helped any of them, to find innovative ways, for the COCOBOD, to be able to move beyond the annual borrowing.


5.Agriculture Development Bank (ADB) Boss - GHC 69, 707

6. National Investment Bank Boss - GHC 66, 666

7. Bulk Oil Storage and Distribution (BOST) boss - GHC 74, 203.

8. Agriculture Development Bank (ADB) Boss - GHC 69, 707

9. National Investment Bank Boss - GHC 66, 666

10. Bulk Oil Storage and Distribution (BOST) boss - GHC 74, 203.

11. Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) Boss - GHC 59, 203.

12. Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) Boss - GHC58, 203.

13. Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) boss - GHC 66, 909.

14. Bureau of National Investigations (NIC) Boss - GHC 67, 909.

15. VRA BOSS - GHC 79, 997

16. DVLA BOSS - GHC 52, 303.

17. National Security Boss - GHC 79, 990.

18. Buffer Stock boss - GHC 39, 999.

19. National Service Boss - GHC 47, 770

20. GOIL MD - GHC 59, 777.

Current GOIL CEO

22, ECG BOSS - GHC 69, 909

23 GBC BOSS - GHC 49, 999.