Gospel Artist Mercy Masika Gives Reason why People Should Not Fear Marriage

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Gospel singer Mercy Masika, her husband David Muguro and their children. Image courtesy

Gospel music artist and award winner Mercy Masika says that people should not fear entering into marriage agreements because there are more positives than negatives.

The songwriter insisted that like for any other good thing, marriage has its good and bad sides.

“The advantages of marriage are more than the disadvantages especially in God,” the award winning singer posted.

In her argument, Masika said that there are ninety percent advantages of being in a marriage than the disadvantages which stand at ten percent.

“You cant compare the 90% good to the 10% negative.” she posted on her social media platform.

The singer posted this message attaching her photo with that of her hubby David Tim Mugurobwhile on on a short vacation.

She added, “To every good thing theres disadvantages too but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.”

Doy you agree with Mercy Masika that marriage is so sweet at 90%?

Mercy has been married for 12 years now and she's known for songs like Nikupendeze, Shule Yako, Huyu Yesu among others.

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