4 Foods That Make You Recover Quickly When Suffering From Malaria


You know all the ways, which you can use to prevent yourself, from being bitten by mosquitoes. One of it,is you should sleep under mosquito net. If you fail to do so, you will suffer from malaria. It affects people,at any time of the year.

Today I want discuss about the foods, which you may use, to recover very fast from malaria. When you go to hospital, you are given medicine to use but on the same time ,you need to take foods which will boost your immunity. That will determine how long, you will take to get healed.

When you are suffering from malaria. The immune system becomes weak, so you need to take certain kind of food, that assist it to get rid of it from the body.

Why should you use foods to regain faster, maybe you are an office worker. You need to get healed very fast and get back to work.

Sometimes, children get sick when they are about to start the exams. To ensure they don't miss it, you have to feed them with the right food. There are some foods which will make them heal very slowly.

Another example,is when you depend on yourself by working so that you can get, food to eat. In this case you need to get healed very fast.

Doctors recommend to patients certain foods, they should eat,so that they can recover very quickly. They say, fruit should be consumed more than other foods.

The following are the foods which you can use to get healed very quickly from malaria.

Orange juice

It acts as immunity booster and lowers fever. You can use the appropriate way to make your juice. If you can't, eat about three to five oranges in a day.


It contains a substance which is able to relief you from pain and can also heal nausea.

sweet lime juice

It helps in digestion and it has vitamin C


Reduces the degree of malaria and has a substance similar to quinine which is used to cure malaria. You must be very careful when you are using it, don't take a lot of it.

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