New Promise for R350 Grant beneficiaries beyond April 2023.

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The social development agency is indeed definitely keeping the promise that the unemployed people in south Africa and the poor will definitely be protected by the social development agency and the government together with the treasury.

There's more good news for the unemployed people in south Africa and most importantly the poor people in south Africa.

President cyril ramaphosa made it clear that no one should be out of the economy, he said that the unemployed will definitely benefit from the economy.

The unemployed people are wondering what will happen after this extension of the R350 Grant, the extension will definitely come with a surprise for the unemployed people in south Africa and the poor people in south Africa.

As things takes a turn with the extension on the table many beneficiaries are still waiting for their first payment of the extension.

millions of beneficiaries have applied for the extension as the response of the social development agency was clear that beneficiaries will definitely have to apply again to be able to get a share of their R350 Grant.

It is not a secret that things will not be easy as many beneficiaries are unemployed and for now there seems to be a delay on payments.

As millions have already applied for the R350 Grant many beneficiaries are stll wondering if they will ever be approved for the R350 Grant.

this is because of the new questions on the platform that made many beneficiaries believe that it was unfair for many of them because of the reason that the social development agency asked beneficiaries to upload information of their parents or wife or husband if ever you are married.

this means that information could have a link to certain member's in the family to check if there's anyone in the family that is having alternative development agency is definitely working on measures to be able to extend the R350 Grant beyond April next year, this could definitely be the best move the unemployed and the poor people in south Africa.

This could be the hope for unemployed and the poor.


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